Providing Direction

Selling a business is not a simple endeavor; it can be very difficult for the owner to piece together sufficient information to know that a proposal is fair and equitable, and is in line with value as established by the competitive forces in an industry. Even professionals like attorneys, accountants, appraisers and real estate brokers can encounter difficulties without knowing the idiosyncrasies of how private businesses are transacted. Receiving fair market value requires an extensive knowledge of the methods and mechanisms of business valuation and how the characteristics of your business can translate to value. The analysis and preparation we perform for our clients, together with our knowledge of business valuation and transactions is a valuable service that often essentially pays for itself in cases when a sophisticated buyer is involved. We are able to provide equal knowledge & sophistication, and a level playing field to our clients when dealing with even the most experienced buyer.

We prepare a professional business review booklet that can be used to effectively market the business to potential successors. The presentations include all of the pertinent facts of the company, its positive attributes, historical performance, and most importantly, projections for future performance based on our analysis and your input. This document ensures that all candidates view your company in its most favorable light and maximum potential.

We formulate a list of successor candidates that we evaluate with you to determine who the most preferred and viable candidates may be based on operating philosophy, financial resources, similarities, potential synergies, and ability to meet your objectives. Candidates that meet your approval will receive the business review document only if they agree to first sign a confidentiality agreement. You will be kept informed as discussions with prospective buyers’ progress and any letters of intent submitted will be forwarded to you immediately. You of course have the sole and absolute right to accept or reject any offer received and our success fee is applicable only if you receive an offer to your satisfaction. Any meetings requested by candidates will be arranged through you, and we accompany you at all such meetings.

Once an offer is accepted, we assist in all aspects of due diligence to ensure this process goes smoothly. We work with your attorney and other professionals as needed to orchestrate a definitive purchase agreement that reflects all the details of the transaction before closing. Finally, we will accompany you at the closing.